Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Craft

Here are the characters from the movie: The Craft.
  • Robin Tunney as Sarah Bailey
    Sarah is a natural witch who commits to the Craft after being introduced to it by her three friends. Sarah seems to be a very powerful natural witch.
  • Fairuza Balk as Nancy Downs
    Nancy is a gothic witch who allowed Sarah to join the Circle and become her greatest friend. She is a powerful witch, but not as powerful as Sarah. She knows much about rituals and spells, and is very talented in using them. Nancy has a tumultuous personal life. Her stepfather is almost always drunk. Nancy hates him and she does not seem to be fond of her mother either. At school, Nancy has a reputation of being promiscuous. She dislikes Chris Hooker since he spread rumors about her and it's implied he gave her an STD.
  • Neve Campbell as Bonnie
    Bonnie was a very quiet witch when the movie started, but as her past scars healed, she was outgoing and became a bit narcissistic. She said to Sarah, "I spent a great chunk of my life being a monster."
  • Rachel True as Rochelle
    Rochelle is a witch who suffered from racial slurs from Laura Lizze. She cast a spell on Laura, and as it started to take effect, Laura had more respect for everyone. Rochelle was on the school swim team and was a very good diver. Despite her talent and skills, Rochelle was still shunned by popular clique leader Laura Lizzie. Rochelle has a sarcastic sense of humor.
  • Skeet Ulrich as Chris Hooker
    Chris Hooker is a Catholic boy whom Sarah and at one time, Nancy liked too. He doesn't have any other interest in girls except the pleasure that they can possibly grant him. By the end of the movie he ends up being killed by a power-frenzied Nancy.
  • Christine Taylor as Laura Lizzie
    A Catholic girl who made racial slurs against Rochelle. She ends up losing her hair due to a spell cast by Rochelle.
  • Assumpta Serna as Lirio
    Owner of a witch ritual-provisions-spells shop. She tells the girls her experience with the Craft, but only Sarah listens. Lirio is a witch who helped Sarah to invoke the Spirit.

Random photos

Here are some random photos of Shailene Woodley, Hayden Panettiere, young Hannibal Lecter and his sister Mischa.