Friday, November 22, 2019

Madison Davenport

Madison's Instagram Story
Reprisal's Instagram Story

Here are some photos of the Beautiful actress Madison Davenport who plays Kate Fuller/Amaru in the From Dusk Till Dawn series, which it's just finished airing on El Rey Network. I can't believe Madison is now a 23 year old Beautiful young woman. Also, I actually love the real life chemistry between D. J. Cotrona (Seth Gecko) and Madison, who I think should date in real life, because they're really good friends on and off screen. Plus their dogs: Cooper (D.J.'s) and Zoey (Madie's) missed each other. Also, their real life relationship on and off-screen makes their characters so much more interesting. Here is the wiki dedicated to them: Seth Gecko and Kate FullerCongrats Madie on your new role as Ashley Wheeler in Sharp Objects with Amy Adams (Camille Preaker), based on the novel by Gillian Flynn from this article. Here are both Madie's new fansite and twitter. I hope that there'll be a Fourth Season of From Dusk Till Dawn. See Madie on Hulu series: Reprisal as Meredith Harlow with Abigail Spencer after Sharp Objects and your new movie: SuperCool

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