Sunday, October 2, 2022

Eiza González

Eiza Gonzalez and her mom Glenda Reyna in Mexico shopping at at local boutique store­čĄŹ­čľĄ
Eiza Gonz├ílez looking drop-dead gorgeous on Instagram Stories ­čÜÖ❤️
Eiza Gonzalez is back to Mexico to continue filming her upcoming Hulu’s series ‘La Maquina’.
From Eiza's Instagram Story on 9/30/22.
Eiza Gonz├ílez arriving at Giambattista fashion show at the Paris Fashion Week (04.07.2022) ­čĄŹ
HQ Photo or HQ Photo (from this Twitter Post)
From Eiza's Instagram Story on 10/1/22.

Here are the photos and sites of Mexican actress and singer Eiza Gonz├ílez, who was best known for her role as Santanico Pandemonium in the American horror series From Dusk till Dawn: The Series. There are some rumors, that she will replace French actress ├ëlodie Yung, who plays Elektra Natchios on the Marvel Television Netflix series "Daredevilwith Charlie Cox as Elektra's love of her life Matt Murdock/Daredevil. She also appears as Elektra in the Series: "The Defenders", based on the Marvel Team of Superheroes called "The Defenders". Eiza could possibly become Elektra in the rebooted Disney + Series "Daredevil: Born Again".

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