Monday, August 28, 2023

Annika Noelle

Hope with her love interest, Thomas Forrester (Matthew Atkinson).
The way Thomas looks at Hope. 🥰🥹
It's so obvious that they are so IN love with each other 🥹🫠 Liam who?
Lol 😂 — and one day when Hope will say "I love you Thomas"
I swear it's gonna be so chaotically good over here on the timeline!!!!! 😏
And.... Self control eludes this one 🤣💀
when Thomas Forrester has been inside you energy
Sexy look for Hope, I love her makeup and the backless black dress!
Hope said she has feelings for Thomas.. then changed it to "did". Nah lying.
"It turns out he (Liam) is a bigger fool than I ever thought."
"That's something that was wonderful and it's just ours."
HQ Photo or HQ Photo (from this Twitter Post)
HQ Photo or HQ Photo (from this Twitter Post)
Annika is spending her Saturday with her best friend A.J. Mayers, who is hosting a Spanish Style Dinner.
From Annika's Instagram Stories on 8/27/23.

Here are the photos and sites of actress Annika Noelle, who is known for her role as Hope Logan on CBS Daytime soap opera: The Bold and the Beautiful.

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